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honeyJarrah Honey

  • Highly anti-microbial
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • High in minerals
  • High level of fructose
  • A unique flavour
  • Gathered in the national state Jarrah forest

Jarrah Honey the natural Product

Honey is the nectar gathered by the honeybees from different flowering plants, and the honey name is derived from that plant source. Jarrah honey is the nectar gathered from the Jarrah tree (Eucalyptus marginata) and is a special honey.

Honey is completeley natural. Beekeepers gather honey from beehives of the pristine natural forests and is then spun from the comb.

Jarrah honey remains naturally liquid for a long period of time.

Jarrah honey has a high fructose and low glucose content. High fructose species honeys have a low Glycemic Index*(GI) making it the ultimate sweetener.

Jarrah honey is in short supply because of diminishing forest reserves, unpredictable climate and wildfires. Jarrah honey will continue to become more limited's its unique qualities are recognised by discerning customers. 

Jarrah honey, harvested by Western Australian beekeepers, it is produced from the Jarrah forest every second year, if temperatures exceed 25º C with adequate rainfall.

* A preliminary Assessment of the Glycemic Index of Honey. Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (2005) publication 05/027


Jarrah-A unique Honey in the world


Jarrah honey has become popular for its medicinal properties, low glucose levels and because it is highly antimicrobial. In other words, a healing honey.

Jarrah honey is a unique world-class table honey. Its medium to semi dark amber colouring has a rich and full-bodied flavour, is smooth and delicate and yet has tendencies towards savoury.

Our much sought after Jarrah honey is sourced from the southwestern region in Western Australia where the Jarrah trees flower biennially.


Jarrah Honey - The healing honey

  • Conclusive research by Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia has determined the special antimicrobial properties of Jarrah Honey.
  • The antimicrobial quality is measured by the term of Total Activity (TA).
  • Active Jarrah honey is strongly antimicrobial * and scientific laboratories measure and rank its activity.
  • As a honey drink, optimal antimicrobial activity is produced when honey is diluted to concentrations between 30 and 50% (v/v)#
  • Jarrah honey can be used to treat wounds, burns and skin infections. It has been scientifically researched and proven to have a high percentage of activity level, making it an excellent choice for dressing golden staphylococcus infections E.coli and Candida, and ulcerated wounds.


Before treatment with honey After 10 weeks with
treatment with honey.



* Reported as having a Total Activity of 30.2% (w/v) phenol equivalent in honey has an antifungal effect against Candida species (2006). Medical Mycology 44,289-291

# The effect of dilution on the rate of hydrogen peroxide production in honey and its implications for wound healing. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 9(2), 267-273.


Location of Jarrah Honey




Jarrah honey is loaded with antioxidants

Jarrah honey contains high levels of antioxidants that are very beneficial to health.

Dr Dragar tested Jarrah Honey at the NOVOST Pty Ltd laboratories in Tasmania an around high levels of antioxidants in Jarrah honey, a Jarrah Blackbutt honey, and WA Bloodwood honey from the Kimberley.

"Jarrah honey deserves promotion for its high antioxidant activity. It showed a higher level of antioxidant than a reference New Zealand manuka honey and was comparable with Buckwheat in its potency," said Dr Dragar.

"Red Gum, though not as high as Jarrah, had levels of activity similar to Manuka honey."

"Jarrah honey has a much higher phenolic content and colour reading than Red Gum."

"Both Jarrah and Red Gum honeys have a significant proportion of their antioxidant activity attributable to components other than phenolics and this is worthy of further investigation."

To determine their antioxidant properties, Dr Dragar performed three separate assays on each honey and found that Jarrah had consistently high values in all three assays. He performed the Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power(FRAP), the Oxygen Radial Absorbance Capacity (Orac), and the 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhdrazyl (DPPH) assay.

Buckwheat honey is a well known in the USA as an antioxidant honey and marketed as such. 

The levels of antioxidants in Jarrah, Jarrah Blackbutt, and WA Bloodwood were a third higher than Manuka MGO 100, and over twice as high as Red Gum, Chestnut, Leatherwood, Dandelion, Chicory, Sulla, Acacia and Clover honeys.

One of the most important steps in preventing heart disease, cancer, and brain wasting diseases such as Parkinson's is to eat plenty of antioxidant rich foods. Antioxidants protect health by preventing and reparing damage done to cells by excessive free radicals.

CSIRO research shows that the risk of cancer and heart disease is reduced in people who consume 5-7 serves of antioxidant-rich foods a day. Antioxidants provide significant protection against age related degenarative diseases. 

A 10ml dollop of Jarrah honey in cup of coffee or hot water or on toast will provide one serve of antioxidants with your sweetener. 

 Table of Antioxidant Values in Honeys

Honey Type


uM Fe(11)


TE umol/g

Jarrah   890 10.52
Jarrah Blackbutt 848 11.98
WA Bloodwood 809  11.54 
Buckwheat 801  11.60 
Honeydew 772  6.30 
Manuka MGO 100 547  9.12 
Red Gum 460  8.25 
Chestnut 389  8.90 
Multi-flora 362  8.22 
Leatherwood 371  7.21 
Dandelion 2 224  7.59 
Chicory 210  6.72 
Dandelion 1 212  2.00 
Sulla 155  5.66 
Honey analogue 141  1.44 
Acacia 80  2.12 
Clover 73  2.15 

 Dr Dragar tested nine samples of Jarrah honey, six samples of Red Gum honey and one of Jarrah Blackbutt mixed honey and one WA Bloodwood honey from the Kimberley. The other honeys were assayed by Drs Beretta, Granata, Ferrero, Orioli and Facino. 

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